Our juice

Rare is the union of tasty and purity -- but Orange Box thrives on being exceptional. That’s why we provide freshly squeezed orange juice that’s free of any harmful ingredients. The juicing process is free of human touch, meaning our juice is 100% natural, providing unmatched taste. Our fresh-squeezed juice is loaded with the good stuff -- vitamins, iron, minerals, and love. All of those elements are drastically reduced from any orange juice packaged in a carton, bottle or can.

 It can take up to a year for manufactured orange juice to reach a store -- but our oranges gets from the farm to our Orange Box in less than 24 hours. That’s what allows you to enjoy the juice in its absolute freshest stage: within the 10 minutes before it starts to age and lose all enzymes, and two hours before it loses all vitamin C values.

 When you factor in freshness, tastiness, and healthiness, it’s impossible to beat what the Orange Box offers -- unless you’re an orange :)